Use Cases & Solutions

The Mysterium ecosystem is made up of different companies, initiatives and projects all working together to build a better Internet for all.

Below are some solutions already plugged into or built on the network. For more inspiration on what you can build, head to our Necto Labs page. We’re actively seeding dWeb innovation, to kickstart the new era of the internet. Apply for funding and launch a new app or platform in just a few months.


An ethical, portable proxy network to call your own.

With a pandemic forcing billions of people indoors and online, our digital appetite has become more global. Mysterium’s homegrown network helps VPN and proxy businesses scale competitively in a market that is desperate for genuine local connections.

🛑 Problem

Despite millions of customers, there is a global shortage of high-quality, stable and ethically sourced residential proxies. Businesses mostly offer access to data center IPs, which are constantly rotated and blocked

✅ Solution

Over the years, Mysterium has grown its highly coveted, global network of residential IPs. These are real IPs hosted by real people, using mostly LAN-connected devices such as Raspberry Pis. That means stable, fast and uninterrupted connections, offered to users looking for a truly local browsing experience.

🌐 Impact

Mysterium is one of the fastest growing distributed networks in the world. Most importantly, each and every IP is ethically acquired and sourced. Our homegrown node community places their trust in us and we uphold our commitment to them. As the network grows, we increase their earning potential via our internet resource marketplace. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and for the future of peer-to-peer technology as we continue to scale.

Mysterium VPN

The crown jewel of the network, our pièce de censorship-résistance.

This is how it all started. Mysterium is now a global, distributed network powered by everyday people. Network participants are incentivised to share their resources in a supply and demand marketplace, helping others gain access to the open internet. Our VPN app is the heart of the network, and our users are the soul which carries this philosophy to every corner of the world.

🛑 Problem

The greatest invention in modern history, the internet is becoming increasingly fragmented, controlled, censored and broken. It is governed by a handful of powerful businesses, with privately owned servers that power the web for everyone. Government censorship denies entire populations of their basic human rights, such as freedom of information and the press.

A regular VPN is just a band-aid fix for what is a deeply flawed infrastructural problem. We believe the internet should be publicly owned infrastructure - and blockchain technology can make that happen.

✅ Solution

The Mysterium dVPN was the first use case and validation of our protocol. We wanted to create a dapp which encapsulates the ethos and power of decentralised technologies. Permissionless by design, trustless by default, more censorship-resistant by the day.

As a hybrid of Tor and a regular VPN, Mysterium is built on the WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols. Instead of paying a regular VPN, users pay peers within the distributed network to connect to their residential IP address. Thanks to its P2P architecture, it’s technologically impossible for Mysterium to log any user activity. Our uniquely developed micropayments system (Hermes Protocol), enables pay-as-you-go transactions, by seconds or by data transferred.

🌐 Impact

We have over 100,000 Monthly Active Users, connecting to over 3800+ nodes worldwide. Our community is growing fast, with users in places like China, Iran, Nigeria and Russia.
But our dVPN is just one of the many tools and solutions that can help piece together the world wide Web 3.0

The Mysterium network and protocol is our contribution, and we’re inviting developers and innovators of all stripes to come build with us. Much of our success relies on this shared vision and collaboration between teams and projects. Together we can redistribute control over the web and place users once again at the top of the digital pyramid.


Bandwidth mining made easy.

The Avado box is a plug-and-play hardware device that connects users to many different kinds of blockchains. Their node-running software makes it easy and efficient for users to help power multiple networks at once, and earn crypto in the process.

🛑 Problem

Like most networks, Mysterium depends on the support of its node community. Running a node can be very resource-intensive, requiring complex software, a lot of computer storage and bandwidth to spare. While in the early adoption phase of this technology cycle, people who run nodes tend to have a more sophisticated understanding of these practices and commitments. But if distributed networks are to scale globally and successfully, there needs to be a way to invite people of all demographics and knowledge levels to participate. This neutrality is built into the very design of a blockchain itself - self-governing, democratic and accessible infrastructure which anyone, anywhere can help sustain.

✅ Solution

Avado built hardware that makes it easy to run a node across various networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. The Avado box is designed to handle the CPU and disk-intensive aspects of node running. The annual costs of using an Avado box is roughly $50 per year.

🌐 Impact

Our node communities are the fuel that will ignite decentralisation and make the Web 3.0 a reality. If we are to succeed in our mission, collaboration between teams like Mysterium and AVADO is critical. We strengthen each other's infrastructure, simplifying the tools and entry points for our future node runners. The more people running a node at home, the stronger, faster and more stable these global networks become, and the faster we can achieve true decentralisation.