Introduction to Node Running

What is a Mysterium Node?

A Mysterium node is a great way to earn passive income while helping to make the web more accessible, anonymous and decentralized. 

Nodes are devices, such as your Raspberry Pi or computer, which help power and maintain Mysterium’s VPN and proxy network.  Anyone around the world can download the software and run a node, which acts as a safe and private access point to the web. 

Individuals or businesses then pay to connect to your node, which provides them with a VPN or proxy service, access to the open internet and a secure line of communication.

Nodes are paid for the amount of traffic or bandwidth served through their device, measured in gigabytes. 

You can run Mysterium's node software on Mac, Linux, Windows, DAppNode, AVADO and Raspberry Pi. Other hardware options coming soon.

What is ?

This is where all the magic happens. Through your personal dashboard, you can create a node runner account, connect your node to your IP address ("claim it"), access your node’s information, track your performance, and see your monthly earnings.  

Create an account at

What will my node be used for?

Our business and research partners access the node network for various purposes like market research, SEO monitoring, aggregating flight prices and deals, and even cybersecurity.

We also work with VPN services so everyday people around the world may connect to your node to access local content such as streaming services, social media, Wikipedia or simply enhance their privacy. 

MystNodes does not collect any user data itself and only needs your email, IP and payout wallet address, in order to connect your node to the network.

How do I run a Mysterium Node?

Follow our guides for different devices under the "For Node Runners" section.

Please refer to the FAQs page for topics such as how to maximise your earnings, how we protect node runners and what fees may be applied.

How can I get support as a node?

There are plenty of ways to get support:

1. In-app

2. Through our Discord server at

3. Through email at

4. Through Intercom chat on our website