Staking your MYST tokens

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You can now stake your tokens in the BETA version of the Mysterium Delegation Pool, powered by the IQ Protocol.

This BETA Pool will give token holders a taste of Mysterium’s upcoming, revamped Tokenomics 2.0 model, when holders can rent out their MYST to node runners and earn DAI rewards. Until then, all BETA rewards will be paid in MYST.

Note that the Pool will only accept Polygon MYST deposits - if you need to switch your MYST from Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, follow our guides.

So what’s new?

The BETA Pool is exciting for a number of reasons. The engine behind the new tokenomics model was designed by IQ Labs - the original team behind PARSIQ.

The IQ Protocol launched in BETA in June, and Mysterium will be the first external project to take advantage of its “collateral-less, risk-free asset renting and staking possibilities.”

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Mysterium’s testnet version of the pool allows MYST holders to delegate (rent out) their tokens using the IQ Protocol dashboard. You’ll then earn rewards on the tokens that are rented.

This BETA period also allows us to test the mechanics and economics so we can fine-tune the experience and parameters, making our full 2.0 version bullet-proof.

So how to stake?

  1. Go to;
  2. Connect your wallet (Metamask or with a WalletConnect compatible wallet) using Polygon network (Metamask should be switched to Polygon in advance);
  3. Once connected, enter the amount of MYST to deposit/stake and click Approve;
  4. Confirm this transaction in your wallet; Note! You should hold a small amount of MATIC in your account to pay for transaction fees on the network;
  5. Once confirmed, the deposited amount of Polygon MYST will be displayed under "Currently Staked";
  6. Your earned rewards on the tokens that are rented will be displayed under "Accrued Interest".

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