How to Backup/Import MysteriumVPN for Desktop

How to Backup/Import MysteriumVPN
for Desktop (Mac, Windows and Linux)

1. Register Identity:

a) To register a new Identity click on ‘Create new’:

b) Create a backup in your device and create a passphrase. *Passphrase will be requested every time you first open the app or import identity (you can migrate those files and use your balance in a different device) : 

c) *Important* Remember to save your files somewhere you can easily access in case you need it (Desktop):

d) After your identity has been saved, the file can be sent to a new device of your choice.

2. Migrating your Identity (Importing from Backup):

a)Click on settings tab and select Mysterium ID:

b) Click on “Restore from backup” button:

c) Select backup file and open:

d) Enter identity passphrase:

e) Identity has been migrated successfully!