Censorship free internet for all

What is Mysterium Network?

The fabric of an interconnected, open and democratic internet is tearing apart in the hands of corporations and governments. We are reinventing the web so that it becomes safe, accessible and private by default. As a grassroots and community-driven project, you are quite literally what powers our network.

How are we doing this? We are building: A global decentralised network of residential IPs who are incentivised.

How does it work?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) establish secure and encrypted connections to provide greater privacy. Mysterium is a peer to peer VPN, where network actors both consume and provide VPN services.

Mysterium dVPN is available on Windows, Mac and Android. They are currently running on Mainnet. Download and tell us what you think on discord.

When you run a Mysterium Node you share your IP address (anonymously) and your spare bandwidth helps power our dVPN. It helps users bypass censorship and surveillance, and protects them against cybercrime.

Like TOR but incentivised

Mysterium Network is building a global peer to peer network. In this Mysterium Network, nodes earn for providing VPN service to users all over the world.

Mysterium Network has been running an incentivised test network from early 2019. Check out our network statistics.

We are also hard at work progressing micropayments within our network. Follow our journey into blockchain based payments.


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