Migrating your node

Node migration from one device to another

Migrating a currently running node to a different machine is a fairly straightforward process which consists of two steps:

  • Installing a node in your new machine
  • Copying your previuos node data-dir in to your new node.

To install a node on a new machine please follow our initial set up tutorials for linux, raspberry or docker.

Finding data-dir in docker node

When creating a docker node we recommend you create one using a volume flag for the data-dir for example: -v /tmp/mnode:/var/lib/mysterium-node. If you followed our docker instructions then your data-dir is the directory given when creating the volume (in the example case its /tmp/mnode).

You can also find it by executing:

docker inspect myst

And locating the Binds:

        "HostConfig": {
            "Binds": [
                "/home/dir/myst:/var/lib/mysterium-node" # "/home/dir/myst" is our data-dir
            "ContainerIDFile": "",

If you cannot find it or you didn't create a volume for the data dir, you will have to exec in to the docker container and follow our linux/raspberry instructions on how to retreive it.

Finding data-dir in linux/raspberry node

With the node service running you can execute:

myst config show | grep data-dir

Output should be similar to data-dir: DIR where DIR is actual directory on your machine where node holds files and directories we need to move.

Migrating to a docker node

Simply copy your previuos data-dir directory somewhere on your new machine and follow our docker set up guide replacing the -v flag in the guide with: -v YOUR_COPIED_DATA_DIR_PATH:/var/lib/mysterium-node.

Migrating to a linux/raspberry node

After installing a new node on linux or raspberry locate the directory where it's trying to read required data from by running:

myst config show | grep data-dir

Stop the currently running node by executing:

systemctl stop mysterium-node.service 

And replace the current data-dir together with its innards with the one you copied from the past node setup. After that restart the node:

systemctl restart mysterium-node.service 

In case you're migrating from a non linux node you'll have to transfer the ownership of files and folders inside the data-dir by running:

sudo chown -R mysterium-node YOUR_DATA_DIR_FOLDER_HERE 
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