Service management

How to change service settings, automatic pricing

Automatic pricing

Starting from Mainnet pricing model for Node runners is automatic. By providing automatic pricing we aim to make them competitive across all node runners and improve Node visibility.

Global service settings

Your Node UI allows you to change service settings for all of your VPN services.

Global Service Settings
Bandwidth control modal

Enabling verified partner traffic option will prevent access to your nodes by everyone except our verified partners. This option is more secure, however will likely bring you lower bounty earnings.

My node is not displayed in Mobile or Desktop apps

If your node is not available in our consumer apps, you should make sure that the configuration is correct:

  • Your node is using the verified partner traffic/whitelisting option
  • Your node quality is too low (switch quality slider from Medium+ to Any to view it)
  • Your node is outdated. Read our update guide.
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