How to earn?

ETH bounties, MYST and more.

In Mysterium Network, you earn for providing VPN services to a global user base.

A decentralised virtual private network is essentially peer to peer. People running VPN service are paid by people using VPN service. However, getting there isn't a short and easy journey.

One of the primary issues in global incentivised networks is payments. Track our journey towards the blockchain micropayments for distributed networks.

Pre-mainnet bounty system

Before we move towards blockchain based micropayments, we're incentivizing people to run Mysterium Nodes through the Mysterium Node Pilot.

Mysterium Node Pilot - ETH Bounties

The Mysterium Node Pilot is a Research and Development initiative to kickstart Mysterium Network in 2019. We are actively seeking testers willing to participate in exchange for a bounty. You can get paid up to $50 worth of ETH for renting your spare bandwidth.

This is a R&D initiative to test incentive mechanics, network stability, NAT traversal and several other technical fundamentals. The bounties are subsidised by Mysterium Network, therefore there are limits to what you can earn.

Our technology stack is in early stages. We are working hard towards the blockchain based micropayments - which will enable peer to peer payments within Mysterium Network.

Mainnet payments - Micropayments in MYST

MYST as a payment mechanism

Once we move to blockchain based micropayments, there will be no limit as to what you are able to earn offering VPN services in Mysterium Network.

Your earnings will be based upon the consumption of your services, your nodes will be earning MYST (ERC-20) tokens and you'll be able to set your own price for the services. We will provide guidelines to ensure you're up to date with the market and be able to compete with other nodes.

Mysterium (MYST) is a cryptocurrency token deployed as smart contract which operates on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to perform activities within the Mysterium VPN network both as VPN clients orĀ as a service providerĀ (VPN Node).

MYST is an integral part of Mysterium Network. It is the mechanism for value transfer between VPN consumers and VPN providers. In layman's terms, in Mysterium Network you pay as you go for VPN by the second with MYST.

The biggest slice of those fees goes to the VPN node owner (service provider) the leftover will be dedicated to protocol development and support. As aforementioned node owners who run their nodes are incentivized for their support of the network. In such a way node owner essentially acts as a miner, with reward coming in MYST token form. We are different from typical blockchain networks in that in Mysterium, the node runner is rewarded not for his computing power (proof of work), ownership of the currency (proof of stake), but instead for sharing their bandwidth.

How do I store MYST?

MYST is an ERC-20 token and can be stored in any Ethereum wallet (MyEtherWallet, Ledger, Trezor etc).

How To Buy MYST?

Find out more about MYST.

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