Bounty program

Mysterium Node Pilot

May 2021 updates:

Residential IP bounty

  • Maximum earnings of 100 MYST / Mysterium Node
  • 600 nodes will earn in total
  • New region introduced: Japan and Brasil

Global IP bounty

  • Maximum earnings of 30 MYST / Mysterium Node
  • 5 nodes / region in Global IP bounty

Note! Please keep your node's software up-to-date (not older than 30 days), otherwise, you won't get paid! For the next payout cycle your node should be running at least v0.46.1 of node.

March 2021 updates:

Residential IP bounty

  • Maximum earnings of 150 MYST / Mysterium Node
  • 400 nodes will earn in total
  • New region introduced: Canada

Global IP bounty

  • Maximum earnings of 40 MYST / Mysterium Node
  • 4 nodes / region in Global IP bounty

Updates 24/02/2021:

As we progress to mainnet, we are adding flexibility to our residential IP bounty program. This begins with an introduction of a cap of bounty rewards to 60,000 MYST/ month for the residential IP bounty program. We are also introducing a cap of 150 MYST/ country for each upcoming month.

Expect quick and iterative changes to the bounty program. Monthly changes to regions and the total amount top performing nodes will get paid will be introduced. Watch this space and our discord channels for updates.

General info

Being a part of the Mysterium Network Node Pilot means you join us in the research phase of our project. So expect rapid changes to bounty rules.

Here are the two current bounties running within the Mysterium Node Pilot:

  1. Residential IP bounties with payout caps and rolling payments
  2. Top 5 nodes / region bounties 🌍

Important Definitions:

MYSTT - Test tokens used to calculate the usage of your node. 1 MYSTT = 1 MYST. See how much MYST costs today.

Residential IP - An IP address tied to a physical device, in our case Raspberry Pis [preferred for Mysterium Network and a higher likelihood of earning], desktops or mobile phones.

Residential IP bounties with payout caps and rolling payments

Our first node pilot bounty rule will only apply to residential IPs in the following regions:

  • Australia
  • Brasil
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • India
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

You will earn by data transmitted through your node and session time. As your node transmits data, you will begin to earn MYSTT.

MYSTT functions like points. Earnings will be calculated by the amount of MYSTT accumulated by your node at the end of the month.

We will be capping the number of nodes paid out per target region. In each of these regions, if you are running a residential IP you can earn up to 100 MYST.*

MYSTT will be calculated such that 1 MYSTT = 1 MYST. If you do not earn enough MYSTT in the first month to get a payout, your accumulated MYSTT will be transferred to the next month.** This means that you will stand a higher chance of being one of the top nodes in your region in month two. Once you get paid, your MYSTT value will go back to zero for the following month.

We will have a total cap of 600 nodes paid out for the following regions: the UK, US, Italy, India, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Japan, Brasil & Canada.

When it comes to residential IPs, we may add more countries or change limits. We will provide you with 1-week notice in the case of upcoming changes. Regions are chosen based on the interest expressed by network users.

For example - John has been running a node in the UK for the past 2 months. At the beginning of the month of March, the number of MYSTT accumulated in his account will be zero. Over the course of the month, John will offer a VPN service from his node to end-users and to whitelisted traffic within the network. This will start to earn him MYSTT. At the end of March, John earns a total of 50 MYSTT.

Scenario A: If John is among the top 600 nodes [calculated by the total amount of MYSTT earned], he will be eligible for the bounty. He will collect his payout in MYST and start month two with zero MYSTT.

Scenario B: If John does not earn enough MYSTT to be one of the top 600 in the UK, his 50 MYSTT will roll over to month two. Let's say John earns another 70 MYSTT in month two. This brings him to a total of 120 MYSTT accumulated over the two months. In month two John is within the top 600 nodes in the UK based on his total of 120 MYSTT. He will be able to collect 100 MYST as his payout for the month. Once he collects his payout, his MYSTT balance will fall to zero on month three.

To reiterate: MYSTT will be calculated such that 1 MYSTT = 1 MYST. Each payout will be capped at 100 MYST / node.

Payouts happen at the beginning of each month.***

Top 5 node / region global bounty

Our second node pilot bounty rule will apply to all types of IPs in all regions of the world.

Mysterium Node Global Bounty is open to every country in the world. With this bounty, nodes with any type of IP are eligible to earn [Residential IP, Data Centre IP, etc]. To be eligible you must have an identifiable IP address and verification of your geolocation checked against Maxmind.

For this bounty, we will only pay the top 5 performing nodes per region. Top 5 node earnings are capped at 30 MYST. If you are already participating in our "Residential IP bounties with payout caps and rolling payments" this is a way for you to earn an extra 30 MYST.

How will this be calculated? Once you connect your node you will begin earning MYSTT in exchange for data usage. MYSTT functions like points. The five nodes with the highest number of MYSTT will earn for the month. If you earn MYSTT but do not qualify as one of the top five, do not fear - you will be able to keep your MYSTT and continue to accumulate them in the following month, which puts you in a better position to clinch the top 5 node position for your region in the upcoming months.

For example - Jane begins running a node in Turkey. In month one she accumulates 20 MYSTT. This does not place her within the top 5 nodes within her region. She continues to run her node in month two. During this period she earns another 30 MYSTT. The total number of MYSTT in her balance is 50 at the end of month two. She is now one of the top five nodes for month two based on her total amount of MYSTT accumulated. This makes her eligible for a 30 MYST bounty payout. Once the bounty payout is made, her MYSTT balance will fall to zero and she will have to begin accumulating MYSTT starting from zero at month 3.

Payouts happen at the beginning of each month.***

* This cap is due to change as the market reacts to our move to MainNet

** Network fork means all MYSTT collected to date will disappear as you upgrade your node. This will mean you will start with a balance of zero.

*** Due to Ethereum transaction fees we will be increasing our minimum payout value to $3 USD. This will go into effect in September and will affect payouts moving forward. Don't worry if you haven't hit the $3 USD threshold, your earnings will roll over to the next month and continue to accumulate until you hit our minimum limit for a payout. Payouts will be executed by the 7th on each month in the upcoming months as we will be limiting gas fee we're paying to miners, to reduce the transactions fees for the blockchain.

If you abuse the Mysterium Node Pilot bounty rules, you will not be paid.

We are extremely conscious of building a resilient and robust network. This means keeping an eye out for bad actors. We see the following criteria as abuse:

  1. Multiple nodes running on the same subnet
  2. Artificially producing large amounts of traffic/sessions for your node. Traffic should be natural, produced by 3rd parties, Mysterium Network’s super proxy or test agent.

This list of abuse criteria will grow - we know hackers out there will continue to game the system. We’re a hacktivist team, so we expect it, but don’t expect to get paid 🤣🤣🤣

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