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What is Mysterium Network?

Mysterium Network is building a global decentralised network of residential IPs. Mysterium Network has been running an incentivised and stable test network "Mysterium Testnet" from early 2019. Jump into our network statistics to see how we're spread across the world.

What is a Mysterium Node?

A Mysterium Node is a piece of software that you can run on several platforms. Running a Mysterium Node will make your IP discoverable, and rentable by internet users worldwide. Find out more about running a Mysterium Node.

You can run a Mysterium Node on:

  1. Raspbian 9/10
  2. Debian 9/10
  3. Ubuntu
  4. RaspberryPi
  5. Docker
  6. Avado
  7. Windows

How does it work?

When you become a node in Mysterium Network, you share your IP address (anonymously) and spare bandwidth to help power the free internet. Mysterium is a permissionless network, this means that any node can become a provider and offer VPN services with their own infrastructure.

What's the difference between provider and consumer modes?

A Mysterium Node can both be run as a "provider" and "consumer" of VPN services on Mysterium Network.

In provider mode, a Mysterium Node is offering VPN service to the network in exchange for payments.

Want to run a Mysterium Node?

  • Create a personal user identity.
  • Register the user identity.
  • Create a service proposal.
  • Register the service proposal with the Discovery service.

All Mysterium network nodes need to have a valid identity to interact with other systems. The myst binary provides a way to create the required identity. After creating the identity, the user needs to finish the identity registration process to be able to provide services within the Mysterium network. The registered identity is used as one of the components for creating a service proposal, that acts as a complete description of the service that the service provider will provide. The created proposal should be registered with the service discovery component to allow other network participants to search through all available services and consume them.

After successfully registering a proposal, the service provider waits for an incoming request. It handles all valid requests and establishes a new VPN session for the consumer.

The service provider then sends all the required information for establishing a VPN session to the consumer.

Jump into our node community and hear from the pioneers

Interested in running a Mysterium Node? You can find our node runner community in discord.

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