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What is Necto Labs?

An open-source innovation lab driven by R&D, venture funding and strategic collaborations to build a better web for all.

Led by Mysterium Network, this open collective brings together builders, projects and organisations who are focused on building humanity-centric solutions.

The Lab funds independent research and supports the development of the new generation of tools and infrastructure.

We support projects and protocols which can help shift the trajectory of humanity’s future; which make the web more open, private and fair; which preserve human agency, restore trust and verifiability, lock systems open and reimagine business models and incentive structures. ​

Funding & Support

Get the capital you need to bring your idea to life. 

Entrepreneurship and development are two separate worlds.

Necto Labs is not just funding innovation, but setting up teams for long-term success. Together with our partners, we help guide founders and teams through the process of launching or scaling their project.

Successful applicants will receive funding and incubator support.

🛠 Work with an in-house team of technical mentors, product marketers, designers and  business development consultants.

🤝 Access to a network of industry experts and partner organizations.

🎁 Perks such as fee-free processing for Stripe payments integration (up to $40,000 USD processing volume).

💡 A custom workshop with DeepWork Studio to develop your UX and design concepts.

⏰ Commercial and technical office hours, with full support to de-bug and develop your solution.

👯 Connect with other teams in the program to exchange ideas, resources and learnings. 

💰 Follow-on funding opportunities for scaling.

Where does your project fit?

💡 Seed - for new projects with little to no market traction, user base and minimal development. Ideas will be incubated and must determine their product-market fit within a few months.

🚀 Scale - relevant for projects which may be further along in their development, with paying customers or provable market traction.

🔗 Synergy - we can support more established projects in their funding rounds. We're also looking for any meaningful integration with Mysterium's open-source exit node technology.

Humanity-Centric Fund For All

Our Focus Areas

Social & economic inequality

Climate change
& ecological imperatives

Human & digital rights

Open & private data

Web3 dapps, infrastructure
& integrations

Privacy and encryption 
tools for all

Geoshifting and open data
for Web2

P2P networking
and resource sharing

Web scraping in real-time, with thousands of IPs spread across hundred of countries.
Check out our workshop here for a tutorial of how you can launch a data mining platform with some simple code and a single API.

A forked version of Chrome, with a VPN built into it. Create a “VPN” tab for each location around the world. How about a built-in dual-mode (provider and consumer) setting?

A Mysterium “at home” network service. Protects your entire network, as well as acting as a node. Or even an easy-to-prototype Mysterium firewall, similar to Firewaller by CISCO.

Allow more apps in the network to gain the benefits of censorship-resistance. Check out this censorship circumvention proposal for more inspo.
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Adaptation of the decentralised VPN for TV and digital streaming, to unlock global content.


⛏ Data mining and web scraping

With some simple code and a single API, you can launch your own tool or platform to index products and services from around the world; concert tickets, crypto prices, trainers, hotels, news articles, lead generation, sports match history, or even where to stream the latest movies... Source and organise the world’s information by your preferred metrics, such as price, relevance or time.

🔍 Browsers & Search Engines

How about a borderless browser? Create a forked version of Chrome, with a dVPN built into it, and create a “VPN” tab for each location around the world. You could make an dVPN extension, and even add dual-mode so you can also run a node and earn crypto every time you're browsing. Or make a geoshifting search engine for indexing both Web2 and Web3.

🤺 Internet traffic protector

Launch a Mysterium “at home” network service. Protects your entire network, as well as acting as a node. You could even make an easy-to-prototype Mysterium hardware firewall, similar to Firewaller by CISCO.

📺 Media streaming apps and platforms

Create a way to bypass geoblocks for worldwide entertainment access. Make an Android TV app with built in VPN, or an API or extension that routes popular streaming services.

🌐 Censorship-resistant toolchains and environment

Make a toolchain for developers and create the next big anonymity app.
Create a backbone environment for developers, allowing more apps into the network for censorship-resistance. Check out this example R&D proposal.

🔄 Add more P2P services

Repurpose the network and add additional services to the P2P marketplace. Allow nodes to share internet resources such as data storage, processing power (CPU/GPU) or bandwidth for CDN.

🔗 Integrations

Plug the network into any app, service or ecoystsem that makes sense! Provide in-app VPN coverage for cryptocurrency wallet transactions. Help us make lighting network payments available on Mysterium, so that VPN users can pay nodes in bitcoin as they go.


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