Mysterium Network Logo

A protocol for the Open Internet

Our mission is to enable open access to the internet by building technologies that make the web blind to borders.

Our Philosophy

Though the greatest invention in modern history, the internet is becoming increasingly fragmented, controlled, censored and broken. A handful of corporations, with their privately owned servers, power the web for everyone. Governments deny entire populations of their basic human rights, such as freedom of information, speech and the press - with the flip of a switch.

We believe the internet should be publicly owned infrastructure.

Mysterium Network is rewiring the web so that it becomes safe and globally accessible to all. As a grassroots and community-driven project, our node runners are quite literally what powers the network and, by extension, censorship-resistant platforms. Together we can create a new online standard - one that ensures surveillance-free communication and open access to the web for all.

Deep Dives: get to know Web3, P2P and the power of decentralisation.